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UNS Dual AIO Rimless Tank Glass Lids

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Original price $ 16.99 - Original price $ 35.99
Original price
$ 16.99
$ 16.99 - $ 35.99
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Size: 30A AIO

These tank lids are compatible with the new UNS Dual AIO line of rimless tanks. They are not suitable for use with original UNS rimless and AIO aquariums.

Click here to purchase original UNS tank lids.

The comprehensive Fresh and Marine Dual All-In-One rimless glass aquarium line allows hobbyists to explore and enjoy dynamic freshwater and saltwater setups. The UNS Dual AIO tank provides everything needed to get started and can be customized with a variety of optional accessories to enhance the aquascaping experience. 

Key Features and Important Notes

  • Includes necessary clips for secure fit.
  • Provides appropriate spacing for additional in-tank equipment and water evaporation.

Product Specifications

  • Dual 30A
    Compatible with the UNS 30A Dual AIO rimless aquarium.
    Dimensions (LxW): 11.02 x 7.48" [28 x 16 cm]
  • Dual 35A
    Compatible with the UNS 35A Dual AIO rimless aquarium.
    Dimensions (LxW): 
    12.99 x 9.65" [33 x 24.5 cm]
  • Dual 40A
    Compatible with the UNS 40A Dual AIO rimless aquarium.
    Dimensions (LxW): 
    14.96 x 11.61" [38 x 29.5 cm]
  • Dual 45A
    Compatible with the UNS 45A Dual AIO rimless aquarium.
    Dimensions (LxW): 
    13.39 x 10.24" [34 x 26 cm]
  • Dual 60A
    Compatible with the UNS 60A Dual AIO rimless aquarium.
    Dimensions (LxW):
     22.83 x 9.84" [58 x 25 cm]
  • Dual 90LA
    Compatible with the UNS 90LA Dual AIO rimless aquarium.
    Dimensions (LxW): 
    31.1 x 10.83" [79 x 27.5 cm]

What’s Included

  • 1x UNS Dual AIO aquarium lid
  • 4x Clips (90LA includes 4x 8mm clips AND 1x 5mm clip)