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UNS Strata Black Mountain Seiryu Stone Type 3 - B

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Strata by Ultum Nature Systems includes top tier, resin-crafted stone pieces. These pieces are meticulously crafted and capture the intricate details and qualities of realistic counterparts. Strata Type 3 series features Seiryu Stone. Each piece can be used alone or mixed with other styles from the line to create dynamic aquascape layouts. 

Ultum Nature Systems Strata is 100% aquarium-safe, easy to clean and great for those starting out or anyone who is interested in an instant aquascape.

Key Features and Important Notes

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 9 x 7 x 11.1"
  • Weight: 2.75LB

What's Included

  • UNS Strata Seiryu Stone Type 3 - Style B