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UNS Twin Brush

Original price $ 11.99 - Original price $ 12.99
Original price
$ 11.99
$ 11.99 - $ 12.99
Current price $ 11.99
Size: 60

The UNS Twin Brush is a dual-tipped spring brush that features two brush styles on each end. Designed for effectively removing algae and waste that builds up in aquarium filter pipes and tubing. To use, simply insert the desired brush and use both ends to clean glass or acrylic filtration pipes and tubing.

Key Features and Important Notes

  • Dual Tipped: The UNS Twin Brush features two different brush heads that are suitable for deep cleaning aquarium filter pipes and tubing. This filter pipe and tubing cleaning brush is available in two sizes to accommodate a wider size range.
  • Durable Material: Crafted from 304 stainless steel, the UNS Twin Brush is resistant to rust and is designed with longevity in mind.
  • We recommend thoroughly cleaning the brush and allowing to dry in between uses to prevent cross contamination between aquariums.

Product Specifications

UNS Twin Brush 60

  • Dimensions (Length): 23.62" (60cm)

UNS Twin Brush 150

  • Dimensions (Length): 59.05" (150cm)

What's Included

  • UNS Twin Brush - Filter Pipe and Tubing Cleaning Tool