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White Elephant Skin Stone

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Size: 5LB

White Elephant Skin Stone is a distinctive variety of Elephant Skin Stone. This type features an off-white color paired with random grooves and indentations to resemble the wrinkled texture of elephant skin. The stone itself is on the smoother side, making it a good choice for tanks with Bettas or Goldfish. White Elephant Skin Stone's numerous grooves provide ample space for attaching your favorite epiphytic aquatic plants or mosses to add some greenery and texture. White Elephant Skin Stone is available in a range of LB packs to accommodate various tank sizes and aquascaping preferences.  

White Elephant Skin Stone is also suitable for non-aquarium use and can be used in terrariums, paludariums or similar planted enclosures. 

Stones vary in shape, size and density. On average, pieces will range from 3-10 inches. 

We recommend rinsing stones thoroughly prior to use.