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Buce Blog - Planted Tank Aquascaping Tips, How To, Advice

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    NEW on YouTube: Aquascaping for Beginners

    Available to Watch on Our YouTube - SUBSCRIBE NOW   Looking to dive deeper into the aquascaping hobby? You may find yourself asking questions such as: What will I need for my setup? What aquatic plants should I get? How do I...

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  • Interzoo 2016 - Nuremberg, Germany

    Interzoo 2016 - Nuremberg, Germany

    Our team was blessed with the opportunity to visit Interzoo 2016 this year in Nuremberg, Germany. Interzoo is a pet supply show that happens once every two years and it’s the one that all the big boys come to show...

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  • Orange County Family Pet Expo 2016

    Orange County Family Pet Expo 2016

    We are proud to announce our sponsorship of Southern California's best planted aquarium clubs. The Southern California Aquatic Plant Enthusiast club (SCAPE) is an organization that we've been associated with for several years now. SCAPE is the perfect forum for local...

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