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NEW on YouTube: Aquascaping for Beginners

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Looking to dive deeper into the aquascaping hobby?

You may find yourself asking questions such as: What will I need for my setup? What aquatic plants should I get? How do I properly take care of an ecosystem like this? As a team of aquascapers ourselves, we know that there’s a lot of overwhelming information to take in when beginning your planted tank journey. 

This is why we are bringing the aquascaping community a new, 10-episode series on YouTube launching Monday, August 8, 2022, to answer all of your questions!


Why a YouTube series?

Here at Team Buce Plant, we strive to consistently provide hobbyists of all experience levels with the most up-to-date information and knowledge we have regarding plants, livestock, and the science behind everything aquascaping. After receiving numerous questions and requests for assistance in starting a first fish tank, filtration recommendations, and plant recommendations, we felt that this series would give you an idea of where to start and how we can help you achieve all your aquascaping goals.

Because of this, Buce Plant has partnered up with fellow aquascaper, Logan Rando, to present all of the tips, tricks, and information needed to start and maintain a thriving scape filled with beautiful aquatic plants and creatures.

The series will be a guide for everything you need to know (plus some!) as a "beginner" hobbyist, or as a hobbyist who just wanted to expand their aquascaping knowledge.

Tune in to the Buce Plant YouTube channel every week for straightforward answers to all of your aquascaping questions, plus some great visual representations for reference and easier understanding.

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Learn More About Aquascaping

Aquascaping is an extensive topic, and we plan to cover everything from a-z, starting with the basics. To make it easier, we’ve compiled a list of things we wanted to know when starting the hobby and questions we get asked frequently to provide you with an easy-to-follow guide. 


A Sneak Peek at Some of the Topics We’ll Cover:

The ‘Science’ Behind a Healthy Aquascape

The topic of the nitrogen cycle can seem daunting to new hobbyists, but we will break it down easy for you! We'll be covering what exactly the nitrogen cycle is and why it's important in the art of aquascaping. Also, how water changes and aquarium maintenance play an important role in keeping a planted aquarium thriving.

What Are the Best Easy Aquarium Plants?

We understand that the large range of live plants available can be overwhelming. They each have different growing requirements, and some may not be the right fit for your aquascape in the long run. In this episode, we take a closer look at popular freshwater plants, which are the easiest to grow, and tips on planting them. You’ll even get honest feedback from Logan on common beginner-friendly plants and tips on how to prevent plant melt when aquascaping.

All About Aquarium Lighting

Choosing the best aquarium light for your tank is crucial in aquascaping, but how do you choose an LED light that is the most suitable for your aquascape? Follow along as we explain in depth about specs to look out for, how to properly use your light to keep a thriving tank, the longevity of lights, and much more. 

Which Aquarium Filter is Best for You?

Follow along as we explain why the filter is the “heart” of any aquarium and how this piece of equipment will improve the health of your tank. We will go over three of the most popular types of filters: sponge filters, hang-on-back filters, and canister filters, and the pros and cons that come with each. By the end, you’ll be able to determine which filter is best for your setup and why.

Fish, Shrimp, and Snails

Looking to add some aquatic creatures to your tank, but need some guidance? We will provide excellent examples of some aquarium fauna that will bring life to any aquatic ecosystem. We’ll explain proper precautions and techniques you should consider when adding any livestock to your aquarium and some extra tips to follow when keeping freshwater critters.

Planted Tank Maintenance Tips

One of the most important aspects of aquascaping and fishkeeping is maintenance. We'll offer plenty of tips for properly maintaining your aquarium setups and touching on how often you should perform a water change, necessary aquascaping tools, and more. Find out how you can create your own professional-grade tools for easier maintenance.

 betta tank

Ready to expand your aquascaping knowledge? Discover how aquascaping, as Logan says, “can enhance your life [as we] make sure this is nice and easy to digest for you and provide you with all the resources you need to get started.” Our tips and tricks will expand your planted aquarium knowledge and have you aquascaping like a pro in no time. 

Make sure to subscribe to the Buce Plant YouTube channel and stay tuned for our intensive series on aquascaping for beginners. While you’re there, get a head start by checking out some beautiful aquascapes we’ve completed and other topics we’ve already covered, and hopefully, gain some inspiration for your next aquascaping project.

 buce plant youtube

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Jeremy - February 27, 2023

Never been able to complain about my orders from you guys… everything’s been fantastic. Also love how responsive you are to beginners on the Team Buce Plant facebook group. You’ve helped me come a long way in a short while!

Jaimie - December 22, 2022

Good information for a newbie like me to soak in and try! Thank you!!

Jose - October 12, 2022

Always excited for youtube series!

Boyd Ritter (chulsooknives) - October 12, 2022

Thank you! I love these tutorials.

Rachelle - October 12, 2022

This has got me hyped on starting one! Thank you so much for putting this together, much appreciated!

Rebecca - October 12, 2022

I love every plant I have gotten from you! I just recently joined your page and found out you do videos. I like to watch the ones on aquascaping. I still have a lot to learn but with your videos and plants I hope to scape something amazing!

Brian Brown - October 12, 2022

Great tips to get things started for beginners and pros!

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