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  • Why Do Bettas Make Bubble Nests?

    Why Do Bettas Make Bubble Nests?

    Written by: Tammy (@aquarist_tl) and Team Buce Plant  Have you ever seen a collection of bubbles laying on the surface of the water in a betta tank? That cluster of bubbles is known as a bubble nest! Blowing these hoards of bubbles...

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  • buce plant youtube

    NEW on YouTube: Aquascaping for Beginners

    Available to Watch on Our YouTube - SUBSCRIBE NOW   Looking to dive deeper into the aquascaping hobby? You may find yourself asking questions such as: What will I need for my setup? What aquatic plants should I get? How do I...

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  • #Flashbackfriday Beautiful Bali!

    #Flashbackfriday Beautiful Bali!

    Flashback friday to our team trip to the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. Although bucephalandra could not be found on this island, the natural landscape was truly a great inspiration for us aquascapers. The rice paddies in Ubud were not...

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