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  • 5 Aquarium Plants That Make the Terrarium Cut

    5 Aquarium Plants That Make the Terrarium Cut

    You may already be familiar with the amazing versatility of aquatic plants normally used in freshwater aquariums. But did you know that many of these plants can also make the jump completely emersed (out of water) too? Naturally, that makes...

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  • Heterandria Formosa Habitat Aquascape

    Heterandria Formosa Habitat Aquascape

    Written By: Chris (@shrimpery)   Heterandria formosa is the smallest live bearing fish and one of the world’s smallest vertebrates in general. Native to shallow planted areas at the water’s edge, they are a perfect fit for my pond-style aquascapes. Membership...

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  • anubias tying

    How to Plant Epiphyte Aquatic Plants

    Aquatic epiphytes are one of the most popular types of plants in the aquascaping hobby. Although, they can't be planted into substrate like your normal stem plants. Aquatic epiphytes are aquarium plants that naturally grow on the surface of other...

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  • terrarium plants

    Top 7 Best Terrarium Plants

    Ready to start a terrarium or paludarium? Like planted aqauriums, aquascapers can build these terrestrial setups to recreate nature scenes (like forests or jungles) in the comfort of their home. These setups are arguably easier to grow and maintain than...

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  • Best Plants to Grow Submerged AND Emersed

    Best Plants to Grow Submerged AND Emersed

      by: Chris (@shrimpery) If you keep up with aquascaping on social media, you’ve probably noticed the growing trend of aquariums featuring both submerged and emergent growth.  The addition of emergent growth allows the aquarium to better interact with its...

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  • Red Root Floaters: Care Guide

    Red Root Floaters: Care Guide

      Family name: Phyllanthaceae Origin: South America Red Root Floaters, or Phyllanthus Fluitans, are a freshwater floating fern plant known in the aquascaping game for their unique look, deep red roots, and easy care. These highly sought-after floaters are known...

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  • Setting Up a New Pond-Style Paludarium

    Setting Up a New Pond-Style Paludarium

    by Chris (@shrimpery)   Shallow pond-style aquariums present an opportunity to enjoy aquascaping from a new perspective. A pond-style paludarium (the term for a tank with aquatic and emergent plants) allows you to grow the submerged plants that most of...

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