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twinstar light comparison

Which Twinstar LED Light is Best For You?

Purchasing the perfect LED light for your planted tank is crucial to your scape’s success. That being said, we understand how the process of buying the right aquarium lighting can be overwhelming. With an abundance of brands and types, where do you even start? 

Our answer: Twinstar. This company is globally known for their full spectrum LED lights that will enhance the coloration and bring your tank to life--whether it be a planted aquarium, terrarium, shrimp tank, or fish tank. Twinstar lights come in sleek, minimalist designs that range in price to fit anyone’s budget. Team BP would like to make comparing easier for you. We have put together a breakdown of Twinstar LED lights for you below.

Below is a comparison of the B, CA, E, EA, S, SA, and SP Twinstar LED lights. We have listed all of the details you need for each series model in order to make the right choice for your tank (dimensions, lumen, watts, glass thickness, appropriate tank size recommendations, low tech/high tech, etc.)

Note: The “A” in the series name means the light is “adjustable.” For example, the EA series is the E light but with legs that adjust in size. The "P" in the series stands for "pendant," which means the light will hang from a hanging bar.




B Line

  • Price: $
  • Light Output: Low  
  • Build: Aluminum Housing & Legs / Acrylic Clips
  • Color Temperature: Unknown
  • LED Source: RGB-W
  • Adjustability: Width (extendable up to 4" each side)

The new B Line Twinstar LED Lights are the most affordable without sacrificing the sleek look. The B Line is perfect for tanks in which your fish or shrimp are your main focus. They can grow a wide range of low maintenance, undemanding plants such as buce, anubias, mosses, and java fern. The width of these lights are extendable up to 4" on each side in order to fit any tank.

Twinstar B Line LED Light

Twinstar B Line



  • Price: $
  • Light Output: Low to Medium 
  • Build: Aluminum Housing & Legs / Acrylic Clips
  • Color Temperature: 7000K
  • LED Source: RGB
  • Adjustability: Height and Width
  • Features a Built-in Dimmer

The new C Line is great for beginners who are starting their first low-tech tank OR for aquascapers with a low-medium maintenance tank. The new design features a sleek blue coloration and dimmable capabilities. The CA Series has adjustable legs, giving you the opportunity to change the width and height of the light.

Twinstar C Line Vr. III

twinstar c line
Twinstar C Line


E vr. IV Series

  • Price: $$
  • Light Output: Low to High (Dimmable)
  • Build: Aluminum Housing / Acrylic Legs
  • Color Temperature: 7050K
  • LED Source: RGB-W
  • Adjustability: None

The popular E Series is the Twinstar option that has proved to be an excellent LED light for all-around brightness and vibrancy. Stronger than the C, but not as strong as the S, the Twinstar E Series is the happy medium for aquascapers looking to up their LED lighting game. With an included dimmer, it is perfect for low- to high-tech tanks and allows scapers to grow a large variety of aquatic plants. 

Twinstar E vr. IV Series LED Light

Twinstar E Series

EA vr. IV Series

  • Price: $$
  • Light Output: Low to High (Dimmable)
  • Build: Aluminum Housing & Legs / Acrylic Clips
  • Color Temperature: 7050K
  • LED Source: RGB-W
  • Adjustability: Width 

The updated E Series light is length adjustable with an included in-line dimmer. Compared to the CA series, the EA vr. IV series will provide brighter and more intense lighting. With the built-in dimmer, however, this light will work perfectly on a range of low-tech to high-tech aquariums. With the adjustable legs, this light is great for those thinking of upgrading aquarium sizes in the future.

Twinstar EA Series LED Light

Twinstar EA vr. IV Series


S Series

  • Price: $$$
  • Light Output: High
  • Build: Aluminum Housing / Metal Legs
  • Color Temperature: 6500K
  • LED Source: RGB-W
  • Adjustability: None
The Premium S Series has the highest light output in comparison to the C and E Series. The S Series is the perfect lighting option for scapers with the most demanding plants in their tank. The Twinstar S series will undoubtedly bring out the reds in your aquatic plants. They are equipped with full metal legs for a sleek look. 
twinstar led light s series
Twinstar S Series

S vr. IV Series

  • Price: $$$
  • Light Output: Low to Highest (Dimmable)
  • Build: Aluminum Housing & Legs / Acrylic Clips
  • Color Temperature: 6500K
  • LED Source: RGB-W
  • Adjustability: Height and Width

The newest, upgraded version of the S Series light with adjustable metal legs and the option to convert to a hanging pendant light. The SA series will provide the strongest and brightest lighting compared to the B, C, and E Series. It's perfect for a high-tech aquarium with demanding aquatic plants, such as red stem plants.

The legs on the new S series are easily removable, and the light can be hung with a Twinstar Hanging Wire Kit as a pendant giving a clean look to an aquarium. This allows for better control and easier tank maintenance. With the adjustable legs and the option to hang the light instead, this light is great for those thinking of upgrading aquarium sizes in the future.

Twinstar S vr. IV Series LED Light

Twinstar S Series



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