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Buce Blog - Planted Tank Aquascaping Tips, How To, Advice

  • Top Down New Leaf Buce

    Top Down New Leaf Buce

    Bucephalandra in aquariums are often displayed from a top down view, much like corals. It's easy to see why. The small dots and beautiful coloration from bucephalandra is truly unique to the species. Mature leaves show iridescent navy blues and...

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  • Interzoo 2016 - Nuremberg, Germany

    Interzoo 2016 - Nuremberg, Germany

    Our team was blessed with the opportunity to visit Interzoo 2016 this year in Nuremberg, Germany. Interzoo is a pet supply show that happens once every two years and it’s the one that all the big boys come to show...

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  • Orange County Family Pet Expo 2016

    Orange County Family Pet Expo 2016

    We are proud to announce our sponsorship of Southern California's best planted aquarium clubs. The Southern California Aquatic Plant Enthusiast club (SCAPE) is an organization that we've been associated with for several years now. SCAPE is the perfect forum for local...

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  • Bucephalandra Melt: Stages of Growth

    Bucephalandra Melt: Stages of Growth

    Are you getting Bucephalandra melt? Don't throw those rhizomes away! This is common when buce is adjusting to its new surroundings. If you ever end up with a piece with bare rhizome, leave it in your tank emersed or submerged and...

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  • Awesome Infographic for Beginner Aquascapers

    Awesome Infographic for Beginner Aquascapers

    A quick guide on the different styles of Aquascaping for your aquarium. Choose from easier styles like Jungle or Biotope style, challenge yourself to more effort-intensive styles like Iwagumi and Nature, or use your knowledge of plants in creating a Dutch style aquarium.
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  • #Flashbackfriday Beautiful Bali!

    #Flashbackfriday Beautiful Bali!

    Flashback friday to our team trip to the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. Although bucephalandra could not be found on this island, the natural landscape was truly a great inspiration for us aquascapers. The rice paddies in Ubud were not...

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