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UNS Dual AIO Media Tower

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Size: 30A

Compatible with the UNS DUAL AIO rimless aquarium line ONLY. This product is not compatible for use on any other UNS all in one aquarium model. 

The UNS AIO Media Tower is a specialized aquarium filtration system designed to house various types of filter media, supplying effective mechanical and biological filtration for aquariums of all sizes. It's an all-in-one (AIO) solution that simplifies the process of maintaining exceptional water quality and clarity by consolidating multiple filtration media options into a single compact yet powerful filtration unit.

The AIO Media Tower is made up of a tower-shaped container with multiple chambers. Each compartment is designed to accommodate different types of filter media, such as mechanical filter pads, biological media like ceramic rings or bio-balls, and chemical filter media like activated carbon or phosphate remover. The tower's design allows water to flow through all the various media, allowing for thorough removal of debris, pollutants, and other detritus from the aquarium water.

Using an AIO Media Tower offers several benefits, including enhanced water clarity, reduction of ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels, and the removal of detritus and other impurities that can negatively affect water parameters, as well as the aquarium's overall ecosystem. The Media Tower also provides a space-efficient and customizable filtration solution, making it ideal as a convenient and effective way to maintain optimal water quality, water clarity, and create a healthier, more balanced environment for aquarium inhabitants.

Key Features and Important Notes

  • Comprehensive Filtration: The UNS AIO Media Tower offers a multi-chambered design that accommodates various filter media types, such as mechanical, biological, and chemical media. With this comprehensive filtration approach, the tower effectively removes debris, impurities, and other detritus from the aquarium water, promoting optimal water quality and clarity.
  • Enhanced Water Clarity: By housing mechanical filter media, the AIO Media Tower efficiently traps and removes particles and particulate matter suspended in the water. This feature offers a "water polishing" effect, enhancing the aquascape's visual impact and viewing experience.
  • Biological Filtration Powerhouse: The tower's chambers are designed to serve as suitable habitats for beneficial bacteria colonies, which play a vital role in biological filtration and the establishment of the nitrogen cycle. These bacteria break down and convert harmful ammonia and nitrites into less toxic nitrates, maintaining a healthier and more balanced ecosystem for your aquarium's inhabitants.
  • Customizable Filter Media: The UNS AIO Media Tower allows you to customize your filtration system to suit the specific needs of your aquarium. Choose from a wide range of filter media types and combinations to address particular water quality concerns and design a filtration setup that caters specifically to your requirements.
  • Space-Efficient Design: With its vertical tower-shaped construction, the AIO Media Tower optimizes for minimal space usage. This space-efficient design allows you to incorporate effective filtration without cluttering your aquarium space, making it ideal for nano desktop setups to large planted display tanks.

Product Specifications

UNS Dual AIO Media Tower - 30A

UNS Dual AIO Media Tower - 35A

UNS Dual AIO Media Tower - 40A

UNS Dual AIO Media Tower - 45A

UNS Dual AIO Media Tower - 60A

UNS Dual AIO Media Tower - 90LA

What's Included

  • 1x UNS Dual AIO Media Tower
  • 2x Filter Sponges
  • 2x UNS Bio Blocks