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UNS Foresta Plant Holding System - 132

Original price $ 1,299.99 - Original price $ 1,629.99
Original price
$ 1,299.99
$ 1,299.99 - $ 1,629.99
Current price $ 1,299.99
Style: Plant Holding System ONLY

The UNS Foresta Plant Holding System is a space-saving, inventive solution for showcasing your aquarium plants, cultivating your rare specimen, general propagation, and creating a unique planted display. The unit is modeled after the classic UNS 90L aquarium and maximizes space with its unique vertical holding wall, ensuring lower areas of the tank are free for additional storage, scaping space, and/or display.

The system's rear wall accommodates 90 pots, partially emersed in an upright angle. Alternatively, it can be used to support a living plant wall and can be adorned with hardscape if desired. The lower portion of the tank holds 42 pots for a maximum total of 132 pots. Water and mist flow freely throughout the system via the cascading waterfall wall, supporting good plant health. Ideal for collectors or anyone interested in creating a one-of-a-kind plant display.

Included trays for the lower section of the tank feature adjustable legs, providing flexibility to display plants at various preset heights or customize propagation setup.

Key Features

  • Each unit comes with 2 plant holding trays that hold 21 pots per tray
  • Control and adjust the water flow easily with ball valve Y fitting
  • 2 UNS Atomizers are included to create an endless mist and maintain humidity levels
  • Optional bulk head sets to implement plumbing for the UNS Delta 90 Canister Filter
  • Overflow fitting
  • 2 glass sliding doors for easy organization and maintenance
  • Compatible with the UNS 90L Aquarium Stand

What's Included

  • UNS Foresta Plant Holding System - 132
  • 2x Plant Holding Trays (21 pots each)
  • 2x UNS Atomizers

Product Specifications

Overall Dimensions: 35.43 x 11.81 x 31.5" / 90 x 30 x 80CM
Front Panel Height:
4.72" / 12CM

  • Optional Add-On Equipment Kits: UNS Delta 90 Canister Filter and UNS Nimbus Misting Device
    • We recommend running this system with the Delta 90 Canister Filter - Neo Flow pipes are included with the Delta 90 and are required to plumb the holding system. Any standard 1/2" (12/16mm) inflow/outflow pipe combo may also be used.
    • 1 Nimbus Misting Device can power up to 4 individual Plant Holding Systems if doors are kept primarily shut. If doors are being kept open at all times, we recommend 1 Nimbus device for every 2 Plant Holding Systems.