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Beginner Plant Pack

Original price $ 33.99 - Original price $ 84.99
Original price
$ 33.99
$ 33.99 - $ 84.99
Current price $ 33.99
Size: 5 Pack

We put together the perfect mix of some of our favorite easy, low tech plants for your convenience.  These beginner plants are suitable for beginners who are just starting out with planted aquariums or for those who want to keep a low maintenance aquascape. 

The Java Fern, Anubias, and Moss can be attached to wood, rock or any decoration using super glue, tying thread, or weighed down with plant weights.  The Cryptocoryne should be broken down into individual plantlets and planted into your substrate.  

You will receive 5 pots from the following list:
*No specific types can be requested, each starter pack will be chosen at random and based on availability.

5 Pack:

  • This includes at least 1 pot of each plant from the list above for a total of 5 pots.
  • Recommended for a 5-10 gallon tank (UNS 5N, 3N, 25C, 30C, 60S, 45U, 45S, 60L)  

10 Pack:

  • This includes 2 or more pots of each plant from the list above for a total of 10 pots.
  • Recommended for a 10-20 gallon tank (UNS 40C, 45U, 60U, 60S, 90L, 90LS)

15 Pack:

  • This include 3 or more pots of each type from the list above for a total of 15 pots. 
  • Recommended for a 20-30 gallon tank (UNS 60U, 90L)