How long does it take to ship?

For the safety of these magical plants, we only ship on Monday through Wednesday. For the aquascaping community on the West Coast, we will be shipping Monday through Thursday.

If you're interested in being our distributor on the East Coast, give us a holler!


How come I'm getting melt?

Melt occurs as a natural defensive reaction from the plants. When subject to environmental changes or stress, the rhizome simply releases the leaf like a lizard’s tail instead of expensing the energy to repair.  As long as rhizomes are still healthy, you'll be seeing new baby leaves in no time! 

Head over to our Blog and check out our post titled "Bucephalandra Melt: Stages of Growth" for more info and cool pictures.


What should I do when my plants arrive?

The best thing you should do is take a picture and post it to your Instagram and tag @buceplant. If you don't have Instagram, leave a review on our Facebook! (Lol)

Ideally, for the sake of your buce, carefully place them in water temperature that is between 68-75°F. This way, the plants don't get shocked.



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