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Woodland Coast

 This aquascape was designed to be low tech and easy to care.  Some Mini Xmas Moss was attached to a small, centerpiece driftwood and placed directly into the tank next to two small pieces of Seiryu Stone.  Controsoil was poured under and behind the wood to allow for planting and white sand in the front for aesthetics.  A piece of Bucephalandra Catherinae was glued to a piece of stone and placed strategically onto the white sand to give a sense of balance to the scape. 


Mini Christmas Moss

Java Fern

Neocaridina Fire Red Shrimp
Nerite Snail

UNS Plant Food 1x per week 

White Sand 

Controsoil Black- Fine Granule

UNS 3N Tank - 2.9 Gallon

Azoo Mignon 60

Up Aqua LED