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Aquario Neo Skimmer Invincible

Original price $ 5.99 - Original price $ 5.99
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$ 5.99
$ 5.99 - $ 5.99
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The Aquario Neo Skimmer Invincible is an optional component designed for integration with the Aquario Neo Flow skimmer unit. The product works to effectively remove surface film from the aquarium by reducing it to smaller particles that is then absorbed by the filter's inflow and biologically decomposed. Installation of the Neo Skimmer Invincible provides a significant 65% increase in air space, improving the functionality of the original Aquario Neo Skimmer. Skimmer Invincible includes a small Y-shaped piece that functions as an added layer of protection for smaller fish and shrimp.

Key Features and Important Notes

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 2.75 X 1.18 X 0.78"
  • Compatibility: Aquario Neo Skimmer Large

What's Included

  • Aquario Neo Skimmer Invincible
  • 2x Y shaped prevention nets