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Buce Blog - Planted Tank Aquascaping Tips, How To, Advice

  • aquarium hardscape with mountain stone

    5 Guidelines for Aquarium Hardscaping

    Designing an aquascape that truly emulates nature can be a challenge, but it's one that's well worth the effort. As humans, we tend to prefer order and symmetry, with everything neatly arranged in grids and straight lines. However, when it...

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  • What is Aquascaping: History, Origins, and Evolution

    What is Aquascaping: History, Origins, and Evolution

    So, what exactly is aquascaping? Aquascaping is the art of arranging plants, rocks, and wood in an aesthetically pleasing manner within a freshwater aquarium. The aquascaper carefully selects a mix of live aquatic plants, rocks, and driftwood to create captivating underwater...

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  • Set Up: Low Tech Planted Tank for a Betta Fish

    Set Up: Low Tech Planted Tank for a Betta Fish

    Written by: Tammy (@aquarist_tl)    In this blog post, I'll explain my thought process on setting up my recent planted betta tank. It had been a while since I last aquascaped a low-tech planted tank, and I decided to document the journey...

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  • The Walstad Method Tank Guide

    The Walstad Method Tank Guide

     Written by: Tammy (@aquarist_tl) and Team Buce Plant   What if I told you it’s possible to set up a natural planted tank that does not require regular water changes or even a running filter once established? To many aquarists, this just...

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  • Heterandria Formosa Habitat Aquascape

    Heterandria Formosa Habitat Aquascape

    Written By: Chris (@shrimpery)   Heterandria formosa is the smallest live bearing fish and one of the world’s smallest vertebrates in general. Native to shallow planted areas at the water’s edge, they are a perfect fit for my pond-style aquascapes. Membership...

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  • professional aquascape

    7 Tips to Make Your Aquascape Look Professional

      Written By: Chris (@shrimpery)   Do you ever see a photograph of an aquascape that looks objectively great while still feeling a bit… off? The key elements (healthy plants, clear water, thoughtful hardscape) are all there, but something is undeniably...

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  • Buce Buddies: Aquascaper Julio Casarez

    Buce Buddies: Aquascaper Julio Casarez

    Here at Buce Plant, we appreciate the work of all our fellow aquascapers. Our community has grown significantly the past few years, and we want to take the time to highlight those who have turned the aquascaping hobby into a passion....

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