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Aquario Neo Flow Lily Pipes

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$ 42.99
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Size: Medium (13MM)

Aquario Neo Flow lily pipes are made from elastic PETG material that is stronger than acrylic and transparent like glass. Outflow may be rotated for directional flow preferences and these pipes can be cut to desired length to accommodate various tank sizes. Option accessories for dispersed flow and surface skimming are available.


  • Not easily broken - Made of PETG (not glass) and is even stronger than acrylic
  • Superior elasticity - Unlike glass or steel, these PETG lily pipes are more elastic than acrylic
  • Easy to clean - Inlet and outlet parts can be separated from the pipe
  • Easy to cut - Cut to optimal length with pipe scissors or a steel saw in order to perfectly fit the size of your tank
  • Small radius of curvature - Radius of curvature is smaller so it will fit more closely to the glass

Customize with add-ons:


    • Aquario Neo Flow Lily Pipes are only suitable for aquarium glass thickness up to 12mm

    Medium - 13MM (12/16MM)

    • Suitable for 12/16mm
    • Outer Diameter: 13mm
    • 2 Neo Holders Included

    Large - 17MM (16/22MM)

    • Suitable for 16/22mm
    • Outer Diameter: 17mm
    • 2 Neo Holders Included

    M/L - 13/17MM (12/16MM - 16/22MM)

    • Suitable for 12/16mm - 16/22mm
    • 2 Neo Holders Included