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3 weeks until Bucemas 🎅 Save 10% on gifts here!
3 weeks until Bucemas 🎅 Save 10% on gifts here!

UNS CO2 Paintball Kit (16oz Cylinder)

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$ 239.99
$ 239.99 - $ 239.99
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The UNS CO2 Paintball Kit provides everything you need to start a CO2 system for your aquarium without the stress deciding what to get! Injecting CO2 into an aquarium is a great way to promote healthier plant growth and bring out their true colors. For the best results, pair this kit with a strong LED light and good aquarium substrate. This kit includes either a 16oz UNS paintball CO2 cylinder, UNS mini regulator, Twinstar CO2 medium diffuser, and CO2 tubing.

The CO2 Paintball Cylinders are available in two sizes, and offers a convenient on and off valve that eliminates the need for a pin valve and prevents accidental tank dumping during installation, making this cylinder a time and cost-effective CO2 solution.

The UNS Mini CO2 Regulator is a dual-stage regulator with an added failsafe mechanism to prevent the end of tank dump. With a space grey finish and sleek design, this CO2 regulator is visually appealing as well as discreet.

Note: Bottle does not come filled with CO2 gas.  Please fill the bottle at your local welding supply, paintball, or brewery store.  

  • UNS CO2 Paintball Cylinder
  • UNS Dual Stage Mini CO2 Regulator
  • Twinstar CO2 Diffuser - Large
  • CO2 Tubing - Clear/5 ft.