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Ultum Nature Systems DELTA 30 Aquarium Canister Filter - V2

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The UNS Delta 30 aquarium canister filter now comes with Aquario Neo Flow Lily Pipes and Aquario Neo Media Pure. With the same durable build, the UNS Delta 30 canister filter delivers performance, reliability and longevity. Quality filtration in the aquarium is essential and contributes to improved health and balance. The Delta filtration line features high flow rates, quiet operation, customizable media and simple setup. Original UNS Delta 30 parts are available for purchase separately.

DELTA leaves water pristine, providing an unmatched viewing experience. Enhance aquatic life with DELTA by Ultum Nature Systems.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Customizable Outflow: Now paired with Aquario Neo Flow Lily Pipes, the UNS Delta 30 canister filter's outflow can be tailored to meet the requirements of your tank. Aquario Neo Flow pipes can be adjusted and upgraded with several added optional attachments such as:
    • Aquario Neo Mixer - this attachment features an integrated design that includes the Aquario Neo Tiny diffuser, improving CO2 distribution within the tank.
    • Aquario Neo Reliever - disperses water more evenly in the tank. This is a great option for tanks containing livestock that prefer gentle flows.
    • Aquario Neo Skimmer - attach this unit to keep the water surface clean and free from floating debris and surface film.
    • Aquario Neo Outlet - aids in improving directional flow in the aquarium.
  • Customizable Filter Media: UNS Delta 30 comes with a convenient media caddy for easy organization and customization. Depending on the aquarium's needs, filter media can be customized and kept tidy within the caddy. When maintenance is due, simply remove the entire caddy, clean and re-install. 
  • Attractive Appearance: The UNS Delta aquarium filter series offers optimal performance and sleek appearance. Whether the filter is kept within an aquarium stand or in the open, the unit is designed beautifully. 


  • Dimensions: 7.17 x 4.8 x 8.15"
  • Usage: Up to 16 gallons
  • Max Flow Rate: 120G/HR
  • Circulation Flow Rate: 60G/HR
  • Chamber Capacity: 0.53G
  • Media Basket Capacity: 0.13G (x2)
  • Max Lift: 28"
  • Power Specifications: AC110V 60HZ
  • Power Consumption: 7W
  • Build: ABS & PC

Package Includes:

  • DELTA 30 Canister Filter
  • Aquario Neo Flow Lily Pipe (Medium - 12/15mm) (Suitable for glass thickness up to 12mm)
  • Aquario Neo Media

Additional Information

UNS Delta aquarium filters are available in a variety of sizes to ensure quality filtration is available for tanks of all sizes. The following chart provides examples only and are intended to be used as a general guide. Filtration can be increased or decreased to desired preference and depending on the aquarium itself.

 Filter Model Aquarium Size
UNS Delta Mini
(Surface Skimmer)
UNS 16C 
UNS Delta 30 UNS 5N
UNS Delta 60 UNS 40C
UNS Delta 90 UNS 60U
UNS Delta 120 UNS 90U
UNS 120U
UNS 120P