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Bucephalandra Gallery :)

Bucephalandra Gallery :)

As you know there are many different trade names for bucephalandra out there. Although it is widely accepted that there only about a dozen different kinds, the trade names help in identifying who the collector was as well as where the specimen was found. Here at we have teamed up with eco-friendly suppliers who not only grow their bucephalandra out in farms, but are working towards finding more exotic aquatic plant species that haven't been seen in the hobby yet. 

Check out the gallery below for some of the most beautiful specimens that we have in our collections. Note that many of these plants are grown in very low-tech setups. Most don't even have a heater! The colors on the plants can get really wild, especially with new leaves. Once the bucephalandra has been acclimated, the leaves lose their waxy surface and their signature white dots start to appear. Some collectors are even lucky enough to have their bucephalandra flower. 

Bucephalandra Red Scorpio
Bucephalandra Red Blade
Bucephalandra Magnum Blue
Bucephalandra Lalina Green
Bucephalandra Kir Royale
Bucephalandra Kedagang Purple
Bucephalandra Brownie Jade
Bucephalandra Brownie Firebird
Bucephalandra Brownie Athena
Bucephalandra Black Marble
Bucephalandra Black Centipede
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ray myatt - June 1, 2017

hello yes i am very interested in the buce pants i have just purchased a bucephalandra " black marble "

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