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    NEW on YouTube: Aquascaping for Beginners

    Available to Watch on Our YouTube - SUBSCRIBE NOW   Looking to dive deeper into the aquascaping hobby? You may find yourself asking questions such as: What will I need for my setup? What aquatic plants should I get? How do I...

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    So-Called "Magic Seeds" and The Carpet Seed Scam

     Written by: Tammy (@aquarist_tl) and Team Buce Plant    Have you ever seen carpeting plant seeds for aquariums being advertised online? If so, be cautious of spending your money on these "magic seeds." Unfortunately, they are more than likely falsely advertised...

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  • 6 Tips for a Healthy Fish Tank

    6 Tips for a Healthy Fish Tank

    Written by: Tammy (@aquarist_tl) and Team Buce Plant   Keeping freshwater fish, shrimp, and snails is different from raising other types of pets. Essentially, we have to maintain an entire ecosystem for them. Their fish tank is the world they live in, and...

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    How to Properly Grow Aquarium Carpet Plants

    Written By: Chris (@shrimpery)   Before they became mass-produced, household carpets were a symbol of luxury, found only in the homes of the wealthy. Growing carpeting plants- the fine-leaved aquarium plants used to blanket the substrate of a tank- can seem similarly lofty...

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    The Benefits of Aquariums on Health and Mood

     Written by: Tammy (@aquarist_tl) and Team Buce Plant   Have you ever wondered why we often see fish tanks in the waiting rooms of dentists and doctors’ offices? As a planted aquarium keeper, I would personally argue that aquariums can have a...

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